Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Baby Has Dry Skin!

“What should I use to alleviate my babies dry skin?” This has been is a parents nightmare and is always a mystery. Having grown up with dry skin and a son with eczema I definitely feel like I know a little about dry skin. During the winter months even babies with beautiful skin can turn a little on the dry side. I of course would say to use my Organic Baby Tata Massage Oil, but that does not always work- you need something a little stronger. So until I can formulate a dry skin remedy I would count on Eucerin or Aquaphor to really do the trick. Aquaphor is a petroleum based cream that really knocks off dry skin immediately. Eucerin is a little lighter but can be used daily. They are both very baby safe and you can find both of these at the local drugstore.

Let me know if this helps all the little ones out there.